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Mt. Rainier, Washington 1942
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Camp Hale, Colorado 1943
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Riva Ridge, Italy 1945
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Winter Hat Model 1917, possibly 10th Mtn issue



This is actually the 1907 pattern "Cap, Winter, OD." It is the original version of the cap and the predecessor to the cap shown in an earlier commentary. The seller acquired this cap from people who "had a uncle who served in the Mountain Infantry in Italy." He is correct that this is a nice example of a very early U.S. Army winter cap, but during twenty years of researching the clothing and equipment of the 10th Mountain Division I have found no evidence that they were ever issued winter caps in Italy. The uncle cited as the source most likely picked the cap up at a surplus store sometime after the war.

As the photo on the rights shows, some members of the 10th Mountain Division did wear the 1943 pattern pile cap during the winter months in Italy. The photo, taken February 6, 1945, shows two members of the 10th Reconnaissance Troop preparing for a patrol. The soldier on the left is also wearing the later pattern ski goggles.

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