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Mt. Rainier, Washington 1942
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Camp Hale, Colorado 1943
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Riva Ridge, Italy 1945
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This patch had me stumped for a bit. The design of the patch and the "Mountain" tab made the seller's description of "Early 10th Mountain Division ... patch variation" seem plausible, but having never heard of the "Order of Colombo" after twenty years of researching the 10th Mountain Division, it didn't sound right. A Google search turned up the answer. The Order of Colombo Mountain Platoon is part of the military program at the North Georgia College and State University. Their mission is to promote interest in military mountaineering and small unit infantry tactics. The NGCSU web site gives the a synopsis of the unit's formation that is shown to the right.

This patch has no connection to the 10th Mountain Division. Most likely, the Order of Colombo used the general format of the 10th Mountain Division's patch as a pattern for their patch to make their focus in mountaineering more easily recognizable.

The unit's web site states, "In 1962, the Order of Colombo Mountain Platoon was conceived by a group of cadets who were interested in forming a unique organization after watching a demonstration performed by the cadre of the U.S. Army Mountain Ranger Camp. After requesting information and training assistance from the ranger camp, Master Sergeant Louis P. Colombo, who was assigned to Camp Merrill, volunteered his time and knowledge. Prior to MSG Colombo’s departure, the unit was named in his honor. MSG Colombo died in November, 1995. The unit carries on in his memory."

For more information about this unit, check out these web sites:
NGCSU Military Programs
Mountain Order of Colombo

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