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Mt. Rainier, Washington 1942
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Camp Hale, Colorado 1943
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Riva Ridge, Italy 1945
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This sled was not mislabeled, just inaccurately described when the seller wrote "SLED SEEMS COMPLETE ... IN VERY GOOD CONDITION." It is a 1943 U.S. Army sled officially called a "Sled-Toboggan, Convertible." It was designed and adopted in 1943 to be pulled by four men. It was not a dog sled. An improved version of the sled was developed in 1945 and used into the 1950s.

The problem with this early version of the sled is that the main deck has been cut in half. A complete deck is 88 inches long, just a little shorter than the runner. This sled would be a great source of parts but it would be impossible to restore the thin plywood deck.

Because these sleds are too large to be shipped by the usual carriers (UPS, USPS, etc), they must be sent by truck, which is expensive. Make sure you are getting what you want when you buy one of these sleds.

Also be sure you purchase the correct model if you are looking for sled parts because the parts are not interchangeable. The many little modifications and improvements made to the 1945 version made all the major parts different from the 1943 version.

Here is a photo of medics practicing evacuating a wounded soldier with a 1943 convertible toboggan at Camp Hale.

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