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Mt. Rainier, Washington 1942
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From the knees up, this is an excellent pair of wool ski trousers. They live up to the seller's description of a "clean set" with "no defects." The bottoms of the trousers, however, have a serious problem. The light khaki band with the black elastic stirrup is a crude replacement of the trouser's original cuffs.

The bottom of the leg and stirrup of a mint pair of wool ski trousers is shown to the right. This pair of trousers is actually the same maker and contract as the pair for sale so it is the perfect example of what the trousers for sale on the internet looked like originally. Note that the trouser's leg is a single piece of wool with no seam around it. The other photos show the interior of the ankle opening, details of the elastic stirrup, and the contract tag in these trousers.

While the repair on the trousers for sale may not show under a boot and gaiter, it still should have been declared in the sale's description. It is obviously not the same workmanship and fabric as the rest of the trousers and is clearly a repair. Hopefully the collector who purchased these trousers based their decision on the photos and not the description.

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