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Mt. Rainier, Washington 1942
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Camp Hale, Colorado 1943
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Riva Ridge, Italy 1945

Container, Fuel, 1-Quart

  The early model fuel container, made during 1942 and early 1943, was an unpainted tin can that measured 6.5 inches tall, 4.25 inches wide, and 2.75 inches deep. A retractable pour tube extended 2 inches from the 1.75-inch diameter lid. Each fuel container had "U.S. 1/4 GAL." painted on the face of the can or applied as a decal. This drawing shows the pour tube in the open position.     Click on the lid photo for details of the lid.      
      Click on the fuel can photo for an image of a 1942 fuel container with the lid closed.    
To the right is the late model fuel container made from late 1943 to 1945. The OD painted can was shorter and more square than the early pattern. It measured 5.5 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, and 3.25 inches deep. The round pour tube soldered to the lid swiveled 90 degrees to open and close the fluid path.   A side view of a late pattern fuel container.
    Each fuel container had "U.S. 1/4 GAL." embossed into the bottom of the can.    
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