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Mt. Rainier, Washington 1942
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Camp Hale, Colorado 1943
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Riva Ridge, Italy 1945
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WWII 10th Mountain Division SKI GLOVES Unused    


This seller was misdirected by an antique dealer who said these are 10th Mountain Division mittens but they are not, nor are they even U.S. Army mittens. They are British army mittens! They were made in Milborne Port, a town on the south coast of England in 1941, long before the British were making G. I. gear. These mittens were probably imported and sold at surplus stores as they appear on the internet and at militaria shows every now and then.

In 1941, the U.S. Army had just developed their first ski mittens. They were entirely leather with an opening in the palm for the trigger finger. By the time the 10th Mountain Division appeared, leather ski mittens were obsolete and the standard ski mitten was the Army's poplin trigger-finger mitten with the leather palm.


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